Climate Chaos
Some may claim that there is still uncertainty about climate change or global warming, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The debate is over; climate change is already here. The debate now is how bad will it get and how fast will it happen.

For a good overview of climate change and where we are now, start here. The author updates it regularly. Warning: What you will read is scary and depressing. Prepare yourself.

Here are a list of other sites you may want to consider about climate change: Peak Oil
Peak oil is a simple concept: when you're using a finite resource such as oil, your use of the resource increases until at some point you reach a peak, or the maximum rate of production. From there on, since the resource is finite and not being replenished, production steadily falls. This is exactly what has happened with oil. The U.S. reached peak domestic oil in 1970. Global peak oil was reached in 2005 (some still debate this date, but the production data proves it to be true). Since oil is the life blood of the modern world, involved in literally everything we do and make, any reduction of oil leads to economic chaos.

To be clear, the modern industrial economy cannot survive peak oil.

Here are some websites to verify what I say and to follow the unfolding saga: Over Population
Some tend to underestimate the effect of over population. However, it is at the root of all of our other problems. If there weren't so many people on the planet, we wouldn't have global warming and resource depletion would not be nearly so pressing of an issue. But the fact is, prior to commerical oil production the planet never had more than one billion people. Now there are more than 7.2 billion and increasing by 200 every 60 seconds. Earth is in severe ecological overshoot; in other words, there are way too many people and not enough resources to support them. Oil has been allowing us to feed billions of additional people, but as the paragraphs above point out, oil is on the decline. What happens when we don't have the energy (oil) to feed all the people?

Check out these links for more about over population. The last link is particularly informative with respect to why we are in this predicament:
There are so many other problems facing us including grid collapse with consequent nuclear power plant meltdown, war, widespread famine, and more. Use your favorite search engine to find out more. Many of the other sites will have links to these related topics as well.

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