The world is facing the greatest threats ever in all of human history; evil lurks around every corner waiting to devour us at any moment - all life could be wiped out. If only there were a knight in shining armour to save the day! Are you that knight?

If you like medieval role playing games, then Royal Sunrise is for you! Royal Sunrise is the only online role-playing game with real world consequences. You REALLY CAN save the world when you play Royal Sunrise!

The fact is, the real world is facing its greatest threats and all life IS about to be wiped out. Fortunately, while you may be the hero, you don't have to save the world all by yourself. When you play Royal Sunrise, you discover all sorts of ways that your real world actions may help save the world from global warming, over population, peak oil, resource depletion, nuclear war, and all the other "evil" out there.

When you play Royal Sunrise, you earn noble titles (you may even get to be King or Queen one day) by taking actions to save the world in real life and then recording those actions in the game. As your fellow players judge your efforts, you earn points. Those points lead to your new noble titles which you can use in the game or even in the real world when you gather with your other Royal Sunrise playing friends. There are all sorts of ways to play the game and earn your titles - but if you want to build your own kingdom, then you'll want to get your friends in on the game. Because it's only by working together that we save the world.

Unfortunately, planet Earth does face enormous challenges, many of them may just end life on the planet. For more specifics on this, please click here. Once you know what we're up against, you'll see how important it is to defeat these foes. Play Royal Sunrise and your efforts in the game may just save the real world.

Participating with Royal Sunrise is absolutely free - all it takes is a sense of adventure a willingness to work together to save the world!

Get started now!

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